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Laxton Gibbens, formerly Laxton & Co., is about one of British Columbia’s leading litigation firms. The firm has always been at the forefront of emerging areas of civil practice. For over 45 years, its members have been involved in many of the leading cases of major civil litigation in the province, including medical malpractice, personal injury (including brain injury and paraplegia), suits against the government, class actions and commercial litigation. The firm’s tradition of hard work and excellence is well recognized, both by other law firms, who frequently refer cases to the firm, and the judiciary. Laxton Gibbens & Company’s success is rooted in a commitment to their clients, to thorough research, and to never giving up if a reasonable prospect of success remains.  The firm prides itself on its effective advocacy and a track record of producing results for clients whose case may have been turned down by other lawyers.

Laxton Gibbens will litigate cases, including commercial cases, on a no-win no-fee basis. This has earned a reputation pursuing difficult cases and succeeding.

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In a $60 million pension fund case the court endorsed the following statement concerning the law firm, stating it:

“…took on a most difficult case, at a difficult time in the history of the case, and never wavered to stay with the case to the end despite considerable financial risk and personal hardships.” (Hockin v. BC Bancorp [1995] BCJ No 2612) (emphasis added)

The BC Court of Appeal had earlier described partner John Laxton’s efforts in a $12 million commercial case in the following terms:

“The professional skills and experience called for in this case were legal judgment, audacity and skill on the part of a counsel who could figure out how to win and pull it off. Mr. Laxton is one of only a few counsel at our Bar who possessed the right combination of talents for this task” – CIS v. Laxton[1994] BCJ 1690 (BCCA) (emphasis added)

In a recent class action case the BC Supreme Court described the law firm, who was class counsel in a $10 million case against the federal government, in the following terms:

“In this case, class counsel took on and diligently pursued a case with many potential obstacles along the road to success. The action framed involved both critical common issues and critical individual issues which could have led to prolonged and multifaceted litigation with a range of potential outcomes including complete failure, partial success or full success……. I have no hesitation in characterizing the professional skills and experience called for in a case of this nature as high and commensurate with the ability and standing of counsel in this case. Difficult issues were dealt with deftly and economically. The results achieved in my view, were excellent in light of potential obstacles to success at both the trial of the common issues and with regard to the trial of the individual issues”. (White v. Canada [2006] BCJ No 760 (BCSC)) (emphasis added)

The BC Court of Appeal recently stated in regards to the law firm’s representation of the plaintiff in a difficult $7 million medical malpractice case:

“Because of the difficulty and expense inherent in the pursuit of medical negligence actions, the appellant could not have brought his claim but for counsel’s willingness to act on a contingent fee. Counsel achieved an excellent result in a difficult case through the application of stellar skill and ability”.  – Lee v. (Guardian ad litem) Richmond Hospital Society (2005) 251 DLR (4th) 174 (emphasis added)